The ECA Learning Hub has transitioned to a new LMS. We are thrilled to provide you with a contemporary and fresh platform to meet your online learning needs. But understand that you may have questions about the portal itself, and courses.

Everyone forgets their password sometimes. To reset your password click here

Alternatively, contact our friendly Customer Service team via phone or email during office hours to help you reset your password.

Contact them on:

P: 1800 356 900 (Toll-free)
P: 02 6242 1800

Any changes to your account, including name, email address, etc. must be done through the ECA Customer Service team. You can update your details by calling or emailing the ECA team.

The ‘My learning’ tab will show you all the courses you have access to.  However, if you would like to see the complete list of courses available, please go to the ECA Shop.

Online courses perform better on specific internet browsers and devices. The optimal technical environment for ECA Learning Hub courses is on a Windows or MAC desktop/laptop computer using Google Chrome.

Another factor to consider is the stability of the internet connection, especially if you are accessing content via public wi-fi.

You can use devices such as tablets and phones to access the ECA Learning Hub content. However, these devices have smaller screens which may make it harder to read screen content, and some of the devices may have internet blockers or be unable to re-configure online learning content to fit on the screen well. Also, sometimes during the re-sizing screen process, features may not be visible.

If you access a course on a smaller device (e.g. tablet or phone) and experience a technical difficulty, we highly recommend you try accessing the course via a desktop computer (Windows or MAC) before reaching out to the ECA team.

Disabling pop-up blockers differ depending on the internet browser and computer/device you are using. For instructions, please click here and scroll down to your internet browser.

Courses can be navigated through via two ways, by clicking the ‘Next’ or ‘Continue’ buttons. 

If you are using a smaller device, e.g. a phone or tablet, you may also be able to swipe to continue. You can also go backwards to revisit content by using the ‘Prev’ button or by clicking on the title slide in the navigation menu.

Accessing reflective questions in courses differ for modules and webcasts/webinars. 

In refreshed modules, a new feature has been added. Look for the ‘view my notes’ button (located on the top right-hand side). Any responses you provide will be collated and you can print them out at the end of the course, or click the ‘view my notes’ tab to see them at any time. You will be able to revisit them after you’ve completed the course. 

In webinars or webcasts, you will need to print or download your responses as you complete the assessment task. Unfortunately, these reflective questions cannot be saved inside the course, so to be able to access them later on, you will need to download these as you go.  

As a general recommendation, we suggest that you print or save your responses as you complete each course and keep them for your own records, future reflection and team conversations.

Certificates are provided for individual courses or at the end of the series, upon completion. You can access them from the ‘Certificate’ tile inside the course. Once you have viewed them, they will appear under ‘My certificates’ in your profile.

Yes! You will have access to content for 12 months, or for as long as you continue renewing your Subscription (depending on your purchase model). You can re-visit content whenever you like and we encourage you to complete a course more than once to fully engage in the content. Content is designed to be layered and for you to re-visit time and time again. This will help you cement your knowledge and apply the research or content to your practice! Once you finish a course, you can freely navigate through the course either using the navigation menu on the left-hand side of the screen, or the ‘Table of contents’ (if the course contains one).  

Please note, sometimes this navigation panel is collapsed and you will need to click on the three bar icon to reveal the navigation menu. Here is a screenshot example of what to look for:
A screenshot of our course with the navigation menu highlighted, which is located in the top left-hand corner.

Please note, at first, the navigation of courses will be restricted for accreditation and certification purposes. Once the course has been completed, the entire navigation menu will be unlocked.

Yes, currently, ECA has multiple courses that are accredited in two jurisdictions: Teacher Quality Institute (TQI) ACT and NSW Education Standards Authority (NESA) NSW. For more information, click here.

To add this detail to your profile, you will need to contact our customer service team. Please contact us on: 

P: 1800 356 900 (Toll-free) 

P: 02 6242 1800 


Yes, any course that is not accredited can be used towards, teacher identified activities or elective PD.

Each person who needs to do the training must log in with a unique username and password. Adding and removing of accounts needs to be done by the ECA team. So please contact the ECA Customer Service team to add a user to your Subscription group, or you can purchase training in their name on our online store.

To download our FAQs, please click here.

Last modified: Tuesday, 23 May 2023, 3:14 PM