You may require technical assistance or tips from time to time. Please use this guide to help you troubleshoot any technical difficulties you may encounter.

Learners will require a stable internet connection in order to engage with content on the ECA Learning Hub. While some users can do this through their mobile network, we recommend using WIFI for the best learner experience.

Online courses perform better on specific internet browsers and devices. The optimal technical environment for ECA Learning Hub courses is on a Windows or MAC desktop/laptop computer using Google Chrome. 

Another factor to consider is the stability of the internet connection, especially if you are accessing content via public wi-fi. 

You can use devices such as tablets and phones to access the ECA Learning Hub content. However, these devices have smaller screens which may make it harder to read screen content, and some of the devices may have internet blockers or be unable to re-configure online learning content to fit on the screen well. Also, sometimes during the re-sizing screen process, features may not be visible.  

If you access a course on a smaller device (e.g. tablet or phone) and experience a technical difficulty, we highly recommend you try accessing the course via a desktop computer (Windows or MAC) before reaching out to the ECA team.

Disabling pop-up blockers differ depending on the internet browser and computer/device you are using. For instructions, please click here and scroll down to your internet browser.

Many of the reflective tasks and downloads uses a coding system called, JavaScript. JavaScript must be enabled for courses to work. By default it should be enabled but you can find instructions on how to enable JavaScript here.

Cookies allow your browser to remember who you are when you log in. Without cookies, you would not be able to login to your account. Please ensure cookies for the ECA Learning Hub website are enabled on your chosen device. For instructions, please click here.

Our course material is delivered with audio to help enhance your learning experience. Sometimes these audio files can be blocked. Please contact your internal IT team if you are unable to hear the audio. 

Please note, that course content is sometimes timed to audio, so if you mute the audio or it doesn’t play, you may not experience the full intended learning experience of the course content.

You will need a PDF viewer to view and print your certificate, reflective responses and resources. Most modern browsers will have a built-in PDF viewer, however, you can download the free Adobe Acrobat Reader from the Adobe website if required.

To download our Technical tips, please click here.

Last modified: Tuesday, 23 May 2023, 3:16 PM